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Straight Down The Nepean Bowl

A gorgeous upcycled table bowl painted with bright abstract flows and pops of neon pink. This beautiful bowl has been created by hand. The bowls unique characteristics is what makes this bowl beautiful. Rough flaws and plaster texture creates a beautiful rustic piece of décor for your home.

Dimensions Vessel opening 15cm, Height 17cm 

Materials Glass and Acrylics

Things to Note The bowl has been upcycled using acrylics and varnish on the outside. It is not to be used for liquids or foods. This is a display only. To clean we suggest to gently use a soft damp cloth. Do not place in direct sunlight. This is a fragile artisan piece which requires careful handling. The bowl has been hand created from upcycled materials. The final appearance shows its unique characteristics. Signed by artist at the bottom

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