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Straight down the Nepean


A bright abstract collection using mixed mediums. This collection is inspired by Victoria's coastal suburbs. The one's you don't find on the tourist maps. Its urban and it's real but beautiful regardless.

Vivid memories of childhood summers spent down at beaches on Victoria's peninsula. You know the spot. The one with the grass, where all the new Australians sat at. We took over the entire grass area with our kitchen, expresso in thermos's, an abundance of over used aeroguard, and hot lunches on a hot mid thirty degree day. Only the kids went down to the sand. The adults didn't like the sand, or the water, or the flies. 

Yet we would stay there until the evening and everyone was content to do so, as long as they had a chair and shade. We were full with happiness and had no reason to go back to our hot suburban homes. 

As the sun would begin to set , we would all hop into the hot cars, and gently seat our bare blushing skin onto the hot vinyl seats.

We would drive home straight down the Nepean with my window wound all the way down and allow myself to feel sleepy as the hot night air cooled my scorched skin. 

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