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Our Resident Magpie

"We have a gorgeous magpie who visits us daily. It taps on our window once the kids come home, as it knows they will feed it. Once it even walked into the house chatting away with it’s beautiful magpie sound. Some days our magpie turns up with some friends and they feast together on our front porch. Other days it walks up with me from the driveway and chatters as I carry the bags of groceries into the house. They are such beautiful birds when not swooping 😬".  

Bright abstract art inspired by where I am in my present life. Tricky emotions and little dilemmas can have you spend the hours of your day wondering,

Carefree lines and strong thick strokes, layers of colour and texture.

An original abstract artwork

Dimensions 53cm x 53cm x 4cm

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas sealed with varnish and signed at the bottom front right corner. Unframed ready to hang.

Option to have the canvas framed. Please allow up to two weeks for framing, Framed in Australian Oak floating frame.


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