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Motel on the coast

"Motel on the coast". You know the one. It's at the end of the line. The one closest to the railway. Concrete jungle. You can hear the local kids down at the corner fish n chip shop yelling obnoxiously outside the store; They don't care about how disruptive they are being because it's their turf and they know the owner needs their sales this summer.

You push away the brown netting from the window and look out to the best thing this motel has to offer. The view. You smile. Things aren't that bad.

Bright abstract coastal art. Carefree lines and rebellious strokes, bold and gentle techniques are what makes this piece unique.

An original abstract artwork

Dimensions A2 42cm x 59.4cm

Mixed media on heavy 200gsm art paper mounted to board and sealed with a gloss finish.

Framed in an oak mdf frame. 

  • $170.00
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