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Le Petites "Our Spot" Framed

Le Petites "Our Spot" Framed

Our Spot

 Is far from the rules

from the strings that tie us down

from the hearts that wear us deep

from the discriminations that poke us sore

And from the righteousness that pull at our hair.

Our Spot 

is above it all 

and we sit up their in mockery,

sipping on c grade champagne 

and pretend we have the answers ,

even if for only a short hour. 

From my newest collection "where I am". The artworks are a status of where I place myself emotionally in my world. Covid complexion, tricky emotions, and many dilemmas.  Original piece signed by the artist Rose Mara. 

Dimensions 20cm x 20cm cAbbas panel framed in professionally made Tasmanian Oak frame

Acrylic Paint

Includes Certificate of Authenticity 

*Colours may vary from what you see on your screen.

Signed at the bottom Front

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