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Gelato '88'

“The sun fare welled the last of the holiday beach makers, veiling the evening with a passiona filter.

Families embraced the summer evening breeze as they spent their last night on sandy beach that they had called home for the last three weeks.
You licked your gelato and curled your toes into the cool sand. Orange and chocolate. Best.
Mum was already checking out from the holidays. She began hurriedly shaking off towels and packing the day away in the bags as she repeated how much more packing we still all needed to do.
I sighed. I wanted to hold onto the holiday just as much as I wanted to hold onto the gelato- forever.
By tomorrow evening this same time, I will be remembering tonight and missing how the air smelt and felt on my bronzed summer skin.
I sighed again.
Dad flicked his cigarette and grabbed the beach bags ,“ alright, let’s go” he said.
Summer holidays ‘88’, officially over.”

Bright abstract coastal art inspired by holidays down the Mornington Peninsula. 

An original abstract artwork

Dimensions Approx 61cm x 51cm 5cm depth

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas sealed with varnish.

Unframed and ready to hang. 

Framing option is available. Please allow up to 3 weeks for framed orders. Canvas will be framed professionally in a beautiful oak timber framing.

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