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Showers Avenue


"It was so hot you could literally feel the heat from the footpath coming through the cheap souls of your rubber thongs. You threw the over-packed beach bag from off your shoulders and began dragging it alongside you whilst your other hand awkwardly carried too many sand buckets. Mum walked ahead holding your little sister's hand and that big plastic stripey bag packed with half the pantry. Dad, shuffled behind you still complaining about how far he had to park and how he 'bloody better not get a parking ticket', even though he knew he was parking illegally a km away.

You turn the corner into Showers Avenue. Your eyes light up as you see the water peaking through the narrow gap 200 metres down the street where Dad was supposed to have parked. Shiny cars lined the curbs looking hot and steamy. "Bloody bastards", Dad muttered lighting another cigarette as he passed all them cars. You spot the families gathered on the grass area to the right of Showers Avenue. They were vibrant and loud, washing sandy feet under the public shower and gathering at park tables for hot lunches. Because Mum and Dad hated the sand, they too will be joining those families and you will stay all day up until the sun goes down, until the last family on the grass leaves and the evening breeze chills your scorched skin .  "

Bright abstract coastal art inspired by Chelsea beach Showers Avenue. Carefree lines and rebellious strokes, bold and gentle techniques are what makes this piece unique.

An original abstract artwork

Dimensions 61cm x 51cm

Acrylic and mixed media on canvas sealed with varnish.

Unframed ready to hang. 

  • $400.00
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