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"You looked at your watch. 12.36pm. 

You were suppose to be back by 12.30pm.

Another wave. You jump over it perfectly. "Why didn't they make wave jumping an athletic sport?", you wondered to yourself. You would have won gold for sure. It was hard to leave the water today. The beach was all yours. Just you, the waves and the dry breeze.


You squinted looking towards where mum should have been sitting on the sand. Is that her? You squint some more. Looks like our red umbrella?

Another wave. You didn't expect that one. Cheeky thing snuck up behind you and slapped you good on the back, but you didn't lose your balance. Still in the game you smiled to yourself.


You squint again and shield your eyes from the blazing sun and try focus on the spot where should have been the red umbrella, and mum.

Another wave. Big one too, you commentate to yourself. Your eyes were beginning to sting a little more now as you rubbed them vigorously. 

Smash. Another wave. This time you got knocked down. The crowd sighed. You stood yourself back up catching your breath and blinking ferociously, anxious to get some vision. Looking over towards the shore, there was no red umbrella to be seen, in fact, you couldn't make out anything on the shore. It was just a mash of blended colors.


Another wave. You jump this one. You jump it so well and without losing balance. The crowd cheer. You gracefully bow and laugh, rubbing your poor salty eyes.


You call it a day and make your way back to the sand, to mum and the red umbrella."


Dimensions approx 119cm x 119cm

Mixed media on 300 gsm gallery wrapped cotton canvas 

FRAMED in Oak timber



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