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Rose Mara: We are thankful she finally plucked the courage to come out and share her art with us.

Since Rose was a child, she was always busily painting and creating on her Nonna's endless supply of Butcher paper. Her days could be consumed with illustrating story books, designing dream houses and getting lost in the world of creativity.

She never plucked the courage to share her work with the world because she felt intimated in sharing a piece of her . "To allow someone to see you art is like opening the pages of your journals for them to read".

Using acrylic and mixed mediums to create her pieces, Rose creates exquisite paintings that are a window to her soul, sharing, nostalgic memories, and things that stop her in her tracks.

"If I don't have an awesome playlist on, I can't create. Music takes me back to special places where you can practically smell and feel that particular moment"

Rose grew up in Melbourne but moved to Canberra in 2012, where she opened up her studio for business.

 Rose's artwork "Frida" and "Flowers for Florence" both appeared on the hit TV show The Block 2020 and she has also featured in The Block Magazine. Many of her pieces are hanging on walls throughout Australia and overseas. 


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