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There is definitely a different kind of calmness this morning in our house.

Posted by Rosemarie Mara on

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Glad we are in this together 

Feeling the disappointment of cancelled travel plans and family gatherings this weekend?

There is definitely a different kind of calmness this morning in our house.  The rain is falling hard outside, its gloomy and the children have woken up with a touch of loss today.

You see usually our Easter weekend is buzzing with relatives from interstate.

The kitchen is a buzz with hot cross buns being cooked for the 200th time by Grandad and the kettle on repeat as Nanny tops up her green tea.

By afternoon Nonna would be preparing our Good Friday feast whilst Nonno catches up on epic Bible movies from fifty years ago whilst hovering over the kitchen menu. 

This would have continued all weekend. Food, wine, laughter and more food.

But this weekend is different. 

And the house is quiet. And the plans are melancholy. 

Do not let the feeling of being alone isolate you completely.

1. Face time friends or family

2. Step out of the house and get some Easter air into your lungs

3. Re visit that list of "if only I had time"

4. Reach out. If the weekend is making you feel more isolated than usual, reach out. Lifeline 13 11 14 is a national charity who can help you if you are needing to talk to somebody

5. Get creative. Bring your travel plans to your home. Set your camp up outside. Order takeaway. Pamper yourself with an indulging spa experience.

We will be okay though. It's just a pause in our usual hectic lives. It's just a slight disruption to a usually busy weekend. And we breathe. We are in this together, and that in itself is comforting to know. 


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We have proudly teamed up with Zamara.designs this weekend to help with isolation budgeting. Local artist Zamara has created a campaign to sell amazing minimal art prints as a downloadable file. Usually only $7, this weekend you can download a high quality file for only $5! Coupon code: 5P4HDVO8W9TP. Ends 15.4.20



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